The CrypToken is the state-of-art foundation for professional authentification for eBusiness and eCommerce. Two-factor-identification (password plus CrypToken) guarantees secure user identification. Cryptographic standard interfaces like PKCS#11, Microsoft Crypto API and Minidriver, allow an easy impementation of the USB-token into existing security applications. The embedded smartcard chip is EAL5+ certified. The tough metall case of the CrypToken is manipulation proof and extremely durable for industrial and outdoor use.



  • Online Banking:
    Secure eBanking and financial transactions
  • eCommerce:
    Identification of B2B- / B2C applications
  • eGovernment:
    Secure access control for sensitive data
  • Web Security:
    User identification for Internet- / Intranet applications
  • VPN:
    Authorized access to internal company databases
  • Email:
    Encryption and Digital Signature
  • Data Security:
    Encryption of sensitive data
  • RAS- and Network-Logon:
    Access for authorized personal only


Available models

Tokey JCOP3

USB Token with certified Java Card Technology.

Tokey JCOP3

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