Tokey JCOP3

JCOP - Smartcard based JavaCard-Technology

Tokey JCOP3

USB Token with certified Java Card Technology.

Tokey JCOP3
  • Latest Java Card technology implemented into a tiny USB Token

  • Extremely short and robust metal case

  • Alternative to existing Java Card based Smart Cards, especially for industry and outdoor usage

  • RSA Support with up to 4096 Bits key length

  • Can load existing JavaCard Applets supporting cryptographic standard interfaces, such as Minidriver, PIV or PKCS#11

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS

More information about Tokey JCOP3

Tokey JCOP3

The GlobalPlatform compliant Tokey® JCOP3 allows to add Two-Factor Authentication into a wide area of security solutions. Existing JavaCard applets for many field of applications, such as PIV, Minidriver, PKCS#11, as well as customer specific applets can be loaded and run on the USB-Token.
The compact Tokey JCOP3 offers a flexible, practical and robust alternative to smart card systems in the fields of access control, eBusiness and eCommerce.


An Common Criteria certified smart card chip from NXP (JCOP3) is "the heart" of this token. JCOP is the open IBM smart card operating system based on the JavaCard specifications by GlobalPlatform, ISO and EMV. On-board RSA key generation up to 4096 Bit is provided.

Benefits of the Tokey JCOP3

  • 100% interoperability with third-party applets as well as existing smart card infrastructures
  • Supports: Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Virtually indestructible compact metal case (water & radiation protected)
  • Runs existing JavaCard applications (developed for JavaCard Smart Cards) for many fields of application.


Technical Data


Tokey® JCOP3

Internal Operating System NXP JCOP v2.4.2 R3
(JavaCard Implementation from IBM)
Smartcard Chip Certifications EAL 5+, EMV, ISO7816, JavaCard 3.0.4, GlobalPlatform 2.2.1
Controller Chip Certifications WHQL (Microsoft), USB CCID, PC/SC, HBCI, EMV2000
Memory (Total) 144 kBytes
Cryptographic Standard Support * PKSC#11, Minidriver, PIV, MS CAPI
Ability to Load Customer Specific  Applets
Ability to Load Customer Specific  Algorithms
RSA Key Generation On Chip
Operating Systems Support Windows, Linux, macOS
Tamper Proof Hardware /
Protection Against Radiation and External Interception
Connector Standard USB Type "A"
Electrical Certifications CE, FCC
Casing & LED Metal Designer Case, LED (Duo Color Green/Red), Eye for Key Chain
Weight / Dimensions 10 g / 15 x 8 x 37,5 mm, body 25 mm
(US: 0.35 oz / 0.59" x 0.31" x 1.48", body 0.98")
Operating Temperature 0°C to + 60°C, (US: 32 to 140 °F)
Humidity Rating 0-100% without condensation
Memory Data Retention > 10 years
Memory cell rewrites > 500,000 cycles

* via Open Source applets and tools, or smart credential middleware (available as an option)

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