Security experts know that reliable identification and authentification are the Achilles heel of eBusiness and eCommerce. The Tokey is the short answer for system integrators and resellers looking for flexible and mobile smartcard alternatives to protect secure access. The smartcard USB token provides reliable user identification via two-factor-authentification for sensitive data and applications. The extremely short and tough metal case is designed for industrial and mobile use, it shields electronic circuitry perfectly and is water and dust proof.

What type of information can be stored in the Tokey?

  • Private keys and digital certificates for authentification like PKI-based systems, email encryption, disc encryption, VPN, etc.
  • Logon information for networks or Cloud applications
  • Smartcard-Applets for individual applications.

Support for Cryptographic Standard-APIs

The Tokey supports many cryptographic standards , such as Minidriver, PKCS#11, PIV or Microsoft CAPI via existing 3rd party JavaCard applets and middleware components. This allows integration of the Smartcard-Token into many security solutions and scenarios without programming efforts. The Tokey offers Two-Factor-Authentification: The USB-Token as hardware based component and a passwort component (PIN). The token serves as secure storage device for private encryption codes and passwords as well as for personal certificates. The hardware based encryption complies with RSA standard up to 4096 bit key lenght.


Overview of the most important Tokey features

  • Safe and mobile container for passwords, digital signatures, and private keys.
  • The RSA algorithm is completely hardware integrated - for secure authentication. Additional algorithms can be integrated with individual applets.
  • Suitable as OEM token for the integration into existing software applications.
  • Existing JavaCard-Applets and tools (Open Source solutions or commercial  middleware solutions) provide cryptographic standard interfaces enabling secure storage of keys and certificates in the Tokey. Ideal for use with existing applications such as browsers, email/VPN clients, encryption solutions, cloud services and many other applications requiring secure authentication.
  • Reliable, fast communication and device identification on the USB port, faster than most Smartcards.
  • The extremely short and robust metal case shields electronic circuitry perfectly and is water and dust proof.
  • Free programmable access passwords (PIN/PUK).

Available Models

Tokey JCOP3

USB Token with certified Java Card Technology.

Tokey JCOP3

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