SECURE hardware based Authentification

Applications for eBusiness, financial transactions and subscriptions need reliable user authentification and secure communication channels. This can be realized with the combination of client authentification based on certificates and SSL transmission. Furthermore, a highly secure "storage medium" for the certificates is required: the Tokey.


The Function of SSL Client Authentification

Before the secure transmission begins the validity of the client is checked with a X.509 certificate. Access to the server is only granted with a valid certificate. The certificate is stored in the Tokey. The USB security token can be easily integrated into PKI applications with cryptographic standard APIs (for instance Minidriver, PKCS#11 or Microsoft CSP) and X.509-certificates. The Tokey is compatible with many JavaCard applets and Middleware solutions supporting these standard interfaces.

Available Models

Tokey JCOP3

USB Token with certified Java Card Technology.

Tokey JCOP3

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